We expect that each passenger has one suitecase and one piece of handluggage, if this is more please inform in forehand. If the extra luggage can be transported in normal circumstances, we will not charge extra.


STS does not combine any transportation or this should be on your specific request.

Arrival at Schiphol

After your arrival you have to go to the STA Taxi Desk in the arrival hall. The STA Taxi Desk will contact the driver of STS Taxi, who will arrive within 5 minutes. Please inform STS Taxi on any changes in your flightnumber and/or traveldate 48 hours infront on telephone number +31 (0)36 53 69 700. We will use your flightnumber to watch your early arrival or delay at Schiphol. (max 2 hours early/delay)


You can cancel your reservations without any extra costs 48 hours infront. After that we will charge 10% administration costs. If our driver is already at the requested address we will charge the total amount.


STS Taxi will do their utmost to prevent any delays. STS Taxi can not be held responsible for any consequences because of any delays.

General terms and conditions